10 Simple life hacks for kitchen that will change your life.

Life hacks that will make your life easier:

1. Brilliant cleaning hack: Use a lemon to clean some things in your kitchen.
2. DIY Life hack you need to try: The place for packets. Use a straw.
3. Genius life hack: More than one plate you can put in the microwave.
4. Kitchen trick: Use clothespins to storage food in your kitchen.
5. Simple wine cork life hack: Use wine cork to not burn your hands.
6. DIY life hack for kitchen: How to make a wine cork trivet.
7. Simple life hack: Easy way to sharpen a knife.
8. Amazing life hack for home and kitchen: Just use clothespins for towels.
9. Simple kitchen hack: One more place.
10. Food life hack for kitchen: Use a microwave to store bread.

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