A young mother from Texas has seen her daughter choke because of a play on sale in the market called Fidget spinner. This toy that aims to evacuate the stress of the child has frightened this young mother. Discover in the remainder of this article the story of Kelly Rose Jonac as well as her daughter Britton miraculously survive the hazard.

Kelly Rose’s daughter had swallowed a piece of toy which led the mum directly to the emergency room so that the professionals could extract the toy. This required surgery.

It was when Kelly Rose took her little girl home after her weekly swimming lesson that she noticed that her daughter was holding her throat and could not breathe. She confides in a Facebook post:

Looking in the rearview mirror, I saw his face turn red and a drop dripping from his mouth. She pointed her throat saying that she had swallowed something, I tried to help her but to no avail. She said she would put some of the fidget spinner in her mouth to clean it and accidentally swallowed it . ”

Mom did not hesitate to call the emergencies. Britton was transferred to the Texas Children Hospital where they noticed that a ring was in his esophagus which prevented him from breathing.

Surgery and general anesthesia were necessary to remove the object from the esophagus. Fortunately, Britton was able to get by.

Today this young mother wants to warn all the parents of the world that she is fighting against the toys that are put on sale in the market while they are not safe for the grandchildren. It is in the magazine today.com that it grants an interview putting all the parents of the world on guard:

” I wish to inform the parents. The Fidget Spinners are very trendy currently, so they are widely purchased and used. Children of all ages can get them, but these items do not include age-appropriate warnings. The rings come off easily, so if you have young children … keep in mind that these toys pose a potential choking hazard . “


Wendy Sue Swanson is familiar with the subject since she is a pediatrician and a doctor. She shares with us the following tips:

” Keep the Fidget Spinners away from children under 3 years of age. Only toys that meet the regulations of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission are suitable for this age group . “

” For children ages 3 to 6, Swanson recommended allowing them to play with a Fidget Spinner under surveillance. For older children, watch how they use such toys “ , she says.

She adds, ” You can play with this toy, but keep it out of the mouth. The fancy materials are fragile, they could break into small pieces and I do not want this to get into your body . ” ” Children do not want to get hurt, they will be careful “




Source: Notice To Parents!! This Mom Saw Her Daughter Choked Because Of This Common Toy We All Buy For Our Kids!!