Once the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced its new airport screening procedures, people on both the right and the left objected to the increased privacy invasion. Meanwhile, travelers felt stuck with a host of bad options–not travel over the holiday weekend, participate in some kind of “opt out” campaign, or suffer through the indignity of an enhanced screen.

It’s doubtful that those travelers were worried about whether or not the TSA agent conducting the screen was getting “turned on” in the process. But that is exactly the concern voiced by Peter LaBarbera, a long-time anti-gay activist and director of Americas for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTHA).

LaBarbera’s issued a press release detailing his concern that gay TSA employees will “get turned on” while patting down travelers of the same sex. LaBarbera challenged the TSA, arguing that if it is inappropriate for a male TSA worker to conduct a pat down of a female traveler, the same is true for gay employees. According to LaBarbera this is the perfect opportunity for gay workers to get a cheap thrill, all at the expense of an innocent traveler.

LaBarbera has demanded that the TSA put conditions of employment for self-acknowledged homosexuals and bar them from patting down travelers “so as to avoid being put in sexually compromising situations.”

So far the TSA has not commented on LaBarbera’s charges or his demands.

It’s a sad day when someone will take the honest security concerns of the federal government, and the honest privacy invasion concerns of both the right and the left, and distort them to push their own bizarre anti-gay agenda. Not only does it trivialize the substantive questions being explored and wrestled with, it obscures the debate and unnecessarily sexualizes a security process that is already fraught with problems.

Source: Care2.com http://www.care2.com/causes/gay-tsa-employees-shouldnt-be-allowed-to-pat-down-travelers.html

Okay, so after reading this I felt inclined to post my own experiences.

My recent travels definitely encouraged the search for others with the same or even similar concerns. Most recently, I traveled from the Atlanta airport to Fort Lauderdale airport and wasn’t at all impressed by the protocol the TSA employees followed.

One could argue that the individuals regardless of sexual orientation, are indeed professional employees. However, I beg to differ. First of all, upon approaching the security checkpoint, the TSA members are found laughing and exchanging inappropriate banter amongst each other as if they’re in high school. The employees shout at passengers and present themselves as angry and unpleasant people, almost military like. This isn’t what you would call, “professional”.

Personally, I don’t go through the milliliter wave machines as I do not truly know what effects they cause on the body and refuse to believe just anything that an “employee” tells me. I’ve asked multiple people, on several occasions, at different airports. All of their answers differ. Some attempt to “act” like they know what they’re talking about, others claim that they have no idea and then there’s the small minority who admit that there is radiation that is released which then goes into your body. How does that sound? I see it like this; If a pregnant person shouldn’t go through this so,-called non-radiation machine, then why should I?

Anyways, as I do not go through the machine that they try to FORCE you to pass through, I exercised my RIGHT to “opt-out”. This is your right too, by the way. So, upon requesting a pat down, the TSA agent shouts out, “female opt out!” Although they have several employees, some of which who just stand there and observe you like an animal at a zoo, they make you wait on the side for an employee to come and pat you down when they FEEL like it.

I waited for 10 minutes. A male TSA employee blurted out, “when is the female opt-out going to be done?”. All of the employees were female, butch lesbians to be exact. They laughed and didn’t respond to him and then she hobbled over in her own time. She greeted me politely and guided me to the screening area. I was uncertain if she was actually a lesbian as she didn’t have that distinct “butch” appearance. She was clearing about 6’5″ though. I’m 5’9″. This doesn’t mean she’s gay of course, but she was a big lady (tall), that’s for sure.

This experience was standard, to be fair. She explained herself thoroughly and got to the point. If you haven’t actually done this before, the TSA employee actually touches your body. They rub the cup of your breasts and swipe back-and-forth your groin area. They even go up and down your legs, all the up to your lips. (The ones down there). It’s sick. Once she was done groping me, I was free to go to my gate for boarding. I couldn’t help but wonder if she was gay or not. All of the other female employees were CLEARLY gay: butch at that!

So, I thought, what if she was gay and she enjoyed patting me down. Everyone has a preference, I know that. But, hey, I’m a good looking woman, just going to let y’all know that. So, what if “I” so-happened to be a lesbian TSA employees preference. Is there something wrong with that?

Alright, let’s jump back to my first experience. I was traveling to London Heathrow from the Miami airport. I followed the same process with the whole opt-out request, etc. This time, the female TSA employee was no-doubt about it, a lesbian. I identified this prior to being directed to the screening area and started freaking out.

Once I was in the area, i allowed her to explain the procedure and what she was going to do, blah, blah, blah. She alarmed me as she said, “I’m going to rub your groin area”. Wait, what? PUMP THE BRAKES! You’re going to do what?!?! I responded, that’s kind of gay don’t you think? ???

This was the first thing that came out. I couldn’t help it. She jumped on the defense and said, “what do you mean it’s GAY?” (FULL emphasis on the word gay). So, she calls her supervisor! I explained that I was concerned about someone being gay and touching my private areas. I definitely expressed that I felt that it was inappropriate. I didn’t say that she was gay per-say, but I spoke in the sense of “what-if”. “What if someone was gay and touched on me like that?” I swear, it was weird AF. The supervisor proceeds to threaten me by mentioning police coming to search me. In my head, I was like, “really b***”. I mean, what need is there to escalate it to that level….?

I explained that there was no need for that as I am not a criminal and would simply like someone else to conduct the pat-down. Finally, both of them cooperated and had another woman conduct the search. I was relieved! I low-key thought I was going to get arrested. ?

I believe that both the TSA employee and her female supervisor were both gay. They were both personally offended. It was all over their faces, tone of voice and mostly body language.

I am a heterosexual female if that wasn’t already apparent from my encounters lol. For me, it’s just not OK. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and not everyone will agree. But, there you go! I said it, it’s out there, that’s what I have to say on this matter.??

I’d love to hear your stories, your thoughts and opinions on my point of view and experiences.

Like it, Love it, Hate it. ??????

It’s all good!


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