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    3 Day Flexibility Challenge Day 2: Pilates Yoga Blend for Flexibility and Toning

    Day 2 of our 3 Day Challenge! Find all 3 days @ 4 Week FBReach Workout Program (Flexibility, Pilates, Yoga & Stretching) @ Connect to others doing this 3 Day Flexibility Challenge with #fitnessblender and #FBreach Search over 500 free workouts by length, difficulty, training type, muscles used, calorie burn & more @ […] More

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    Simple Yoga For Anxiety and Stress Relief

    Stress is inevitable. We tend to get stressed out for various reasons. But then they are ways which can help us reduce the stress and calm us down. Here are 7 Asanas namely TAD Asana, Padam Asana, Makr Asana (The Crocodile Pose), Sarvang Asana, Shav Asana (Corpse Posture), Aunlom / Vilom (Alternate Nostril Breathing), Pranayam […] More

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    Sugar Is Killing People! – Watch This Documentary To Find Out

    “Fed Up”   ➡️ Watch Here The documentary undergoes the thorough examination of America’s obesity epidemic and the food industry’s role in aggravating it. Synopsis: Upending the conventional wisdom of why we gain weight and how to lose it, Fed Up unearths a dirty secret of the American food industry-far more of us get sick from what we […] More

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    Benefits of Beeswax [Plus, 12 Creative Ways to Use It]

    Imagine for a second a scenario in which you were simultaneously: caring for a newborn that needed constant care building a house with your own hands having to fight off people trying to break into your home still responsible for normal cooking and cleaning Stressful- right? Yet this is what a honey bee colony does every […] More

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    Tap Water vs. Bottled Water: Health Hacks- Thomas DeLauer

    CLICK HERE to go to Tap Water vs. Bottled Water from Health Hacks with Thomas DeLauer is an in-depth exploration into the many advantages and drawbacks between consuming tap water vs. bottled water. Find out how this water is regulated, how it may affect your dental health, which version won a taste test study and […] More

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    Why Reading Is Good For Your Health

    Reading is one of the most noble activities you can ever engage in. But, despite the world of knowledge and imagination that lies in every library, too many people never pick up a book again after they finish school. What a tragedy! Not only are these poor souls are forgoing an opportunity for knowledge and […] More

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